Meet Irmine Hero, your Thermomix consultant for New York Metro Area

I have used Thermomix for over 20 years cooking wonderful French recipes and now in the US.The newest model TM5 got me so excited, I wanted to become part of this great cooking journey!

Why Use a Consultant?

Vorwerk globally sells the cooking equipment through consultants who can help you understand how the machine works, help you set it up and give you tips and techniques along the way. Each of the consultants have long experience in cooking with Thermomix. If you're in NYC metro area (New York City, Central & Northern NJ) feel free to contact me!

Where can I Learn More?

Thermomix is not just a kitchen appliance - it's a full cooking platform that can blend, mix. cook, steam etc. Ever wondered how to make perfect gyozas? TM5! Ever struggled to cook that great risotto? Takes minutes with TM5!

Checkout the Thermomix website


Thermomix TM5 comes with a recipe book of nearly 400 pages and a "chip" that contains all the step by step recipes that you can easily follow on the screen. You can also get a cook-key that connects your TM5 to the internet for more recipes - you can even load your own recipes to the machine!

Stuff to Do

If you like almond milk - there's nothing better than doing it with Thermomix TM5. Few minutes and you're done with a bottle of delicisious home made milk.

Like Lasagna?

One of the first recipes we made from the built-in cook book was lasagne. Amazing outcome with two pounds of meat! You make the bechamel and meat sauce and all you have to do at the end is to assemble it and put it in the oven!

Check Out the Future of Cooking!

Why I love Thermomix TM5 - and you will too!

I plan my weekly dinner with my children as a family decision process. Everyone chooses one or two dishes to make during the week. The shopping list is made instantly for me so I buy exactly what I need.

I choose my organic ingredients and know what my perfect meal is made of and reduce whatever I think is too much like sugar or salt. With the Cookidoo platform I can make new dishes that come from around the world.

With a click I save money on dinner orders and on so many ingredients. Everything is made from scratch like mayonnaise, salad dressing, almond milk to butter and buttermilk and that saves me a lot of money on grocery.

I do not burn anything anymore and my TM5 washes itself. I can play card games or play with the kids while my TM5 does most of the cooking. Whenever I don’t feel like cooking TM5 and often my teenagers and their best buddy TM5 make dinner for me and they have so much fun.

I’m not anymore afraid to make complicated recipes because on Cookidoo every single recipe has been tested.

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Even teens can use it!

I love the Thermomix. It's so easy to cook with it as I don't have to measure anything - the machine does it for me! Cooking just became easy and fun for me! Elina H.

Complex made easy

Chopping, sauteing, mixing, weighing and all the complexities that sometimes come fom involved recipes are super easy with TM5. The screen is easy to read, the timing is automatic and all I have to do is add ingredients, turn the knob and watch it cook the meal! Sami H.

Reasons to love Thermomix TM5

  • Because you don’t like to cook but like good food
  • Because you don’t have to think what you are making tonight
  • Because you can make a whole meal in 30 minutes or less
  • Because it saves money
  • Because you can choose your ingredients and make sure you eat healthy
  • Because you love cooking and want to have help in the kitchen
  • Because you hate planning meals
  • Because you do not have time but love to eat
  • Because you hate doing dishes of pots and pans
  • Because you are a green healthy foody Because it is fun 
  • Check out additional how-to-videos