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  • Mission of GreenHeroic

    Provide clients with clear, concise, customized action plans to reduce consumption of natural resources and improve their overall environment thus reducing their carbon footprint. All of this is driven by saving money incrementally, re-investing the savings and ultimately creating sustainability, competitive marketing & branding opportunities by being green.

  • Community Involvement

    Each month, GreenHeroic will give away one free consultation to a Not-for-profit association in our area. If you would like to recommend a recipient, please contact Irmine Hero. Children and education are big parts of our lives. So 3% of our profit will be donated to build a foundation to empower our children to be green.

  • Christine Heinicke

    Christine and her husband live in New Jersey with their fraternal twin sons. Although not all chemicals have been eliminated from their home, she continues to introduce green, natural and home made products to replace nationally advertised products. Starting with her own personal grooming and cosmetics, she has also transformed the laundry room, most of the broom closet and is currently working on the kids’ bathroom.


    With a degree in Marketing,  a career in technology,  and a commitment to community service, Christine has demonstrated her expertise in bringing professional and not-for-profit organization objectives into compliance. She identifies the big picture, it's goals and objectives, required resources and targets the implementation of steps to achieve the goals.


    Christine’s passions include needle arts and music but most of her energy is being dedicated to grass roots efforts for sustainability. Her hope is that her children’s children will think about how foolish the human race was before sustainability was accepted as a Best Practice

  • Irmine Hero

    Irmine Hero graduated in International Business and Mandarin Chinese and then travelled extensively; working in Hong Kong, Sweden, and Paris when she decided to raise her wonderful children in Toronto. After living in 4 countries within 10 years, Irmine and her husband have finally settled in New Jersey with their four children.

    A few years ago, Irmine became aware of the extreme urgency for her to teach her children about making healthy choices. This lead the whole family learning to refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle which resulted in them making good choices for their meals and cooking organic food at all times.

    Early in 2010, Irmine realized that it was time for a new venture to share her passion for Ecology and Sustainability. She trained and qualified as a Certified Eco Consultant and in the process of developing this new company invited her friend and fellow community volunteer Christine Heinicke to join her as a partner.

    This year Irmine has decided that her family is ready for a new challenge. Inspired by The Zero Waste Family in California as well as Julie & Julia, Irmine is keeping a family journal about going zero waste: “One year to become a Zero Waste family on the East Coast”.

    Armed with her Eco Consultant Certification, a smile and passion, Irmine is hoping to persuade the people she meets to "get the Green Bug" so that our children and our grand children will be able to fully realize the potential of all that this planet has to give when we treat her with respect.